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Vanessa - the voice of an angel

4 December 2017

Vanessa Quai is an immensely talented international award-winning artist who, when she is not traveling to perform, is working as part of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu family as a Reservations Agent. Tonight (December 4th 2017), the sound of Vanessa's voice will be echoing across Port Vila as she sings one of her own songs in front of the nation as part of the Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Mini Games Opening Ceremony.


Vanessa Quai, Vanuatu.


Where do you call home, where were you born? Tell us a bit about your family.

I was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu. My family is from Ambae and I am the eldest of four children. I am very fortunate that my entire family supports my singing career. So much so, that my father is my Manager and my mother is my backing vocalist in my performances, as is one of my brothers. My other brother is a graphic designer and creates the designs for my albums. My baby sister is gradually showing an interest in singing, but regardless of her own interests, she always supports me.


Tell us about yourself.

Needless to say, I love music and love to sing. I also really enjoy sports and good food! In addition to my main job working at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu as  Reservations Agent, I hold private singing lessons with local children aged as young as 7 years. Once my music career was established, I helped my family open up a daycare school where I sometimes teach the children. As a Christian family, we are involved in church work as well. This year, I was privileged to be appointed to the role of 'Good Will Ambassador' for the Vanuatu 2017 South Pacific Mini Games.

I started singing when I was 6 years old and I started because I wanted to become a star! I wanted to sing in front of thousands of people and look, it happened! I really feel I have succeeded in my dream to inspire other Ni-Vanuatu girls.


What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

I love to see people dance and be inspired by my songs and the music I create. 


What do you enjoy the least about being a singer?

The pressure of being too popular.


What have been your major highlights and achievements as an artist? 

Winning 5 international singing awards from different countries:

  • 3rd prize for the gospel category in Australia in the year 1999 where over 300 singers from around the world participated.
  • 1st prize in Eygpt in the year 2000 where 600 children from around the world participated.
  • 2nd prize in Romania in the year 2005 where 300 children from around the world participated.
  • 1st prize in Romania in the year 2006 where 300 teenagers from around the world participated.
  • 1st prize in Romania again in the year 2007 where 300 adults from around the world participated.


What is your long-range goal as a singer?

I want to take my voice abroad to become an international singer where I will be able to record internationally. I also want to build a music school for locals in my hometown, Port Vila.


What is your medium/short term goal of performing as a singer?

To keep writing new songs and produce music.


Who is your coach/s and how do they motivate and support you?

My parents are my coaches. They speak directly to me when no one else will - they give it to me straight. They encourage me and they motivate me, as does my partner.


What are your personal best achievements?

Receiving a medal from the former President, Matas Kelekele, for my role in representing Vanuatu through music.


What else can you share with us?

While my strength is my music and singing, I do love to play futsal with my friends on the girl's team I am part of and netball also. I am also interested in pursuing my hospitality and tourism career at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu. They are very supportive of my career and they encourage me to do well in my role at the Resort. in holiday inn to get more experience in this field. Holiday Inn Resort is the best place to grow and to learn to discover new skills.

Tonight I know my Holiday Inn Resort friends will be watching and cheering me on as I perform. I am incredibly excited about singing my song in front of my home nation as part of the VAN2017 opening ceremony - this means a huge amount to me.


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