A range of activities so wide, you won’t know where to begin


Resort Tours

Local School Tour

Visit a local primary school and adore the smiles on the ‘Pikininis’ faces as you appreciate their latest artwork and they talk about the areas they are currently studying. Accompanied by a resort team member, the tour includes transfers to and from the school.

  • Thursday morning
    (subject to Vanuatu Government school term dates)

  • Bookings required and fee applies.

Market Tour

A visit to the bustling Mamas Fruit and Veggie Market is a Vanuatu ‘must do’. Join our resort guide and learn about the island’s native produce. You will get the opportunity to taste and purchase naturally organic fresh goods and even bring some back to the resort. Market highlights include fruit bat (a delicacy), delicious wild raspberries, juicy watermelon, a variety of bananas and the biggest avocados you’ve ever seen!

  • Wednesday morning

  • Bookings required and fee applies.