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30 June 2017

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Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu has unveiled a revamped website that will allow travellers to experience this incredible destination before they even arrive.

The new website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with a focus on visuals to entice guests who are in the process of choosing their holiday location. It includes extensive information about all the Resort facilities including accommodation, activities and food and beverage options.

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu General Manager, Simon Douthett, said that he and his team are thrilled with the new website.

“It’s important for people to visualise their holiday destination before they arrive, to give them something to get excited about,” he said. “We want to show our guests all the different things they can experience here so that their holiday starts well before they board the plane.”

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu engaged the services of Justin Mott, of Mott Visuals, to conduct a photo and video shoot shortly after the Resort reopened in June last year.

“We have been using the amazing imagery taken by Mott Visuals to show the world that our Resort is a place that they should visit and it has given life to our new website,” said Mr Douthett. “Justin and his team are artists in capturing emotion in their photography, it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before, and we’re very happy with how it has transformed our website.”

International website developers ‘QUO’ worked with the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu team to create a functional and attractive website. QUO have developed many international hotel and resort websites including for IHG throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The launch of the new website is just the beginning. The site is being updated regularly with offers and events available at the Resort and in time, it will be translated to other languages. Guests, future, past and present are encouraged to sign up to the newsletter to stay ‘connected’ and learn about seasonal deals and specials.

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