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A Dream Mother’s Day Escape

Mother’s Day Escape At Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

Life as a mum in my house is best described as a fast-paced, hectic bowl of love. Full of interesting questions, mess, giggles, fights, highs, lows, dirty clothes, clean clothes and all the rest. Then there’s my favourite part – ‘Uber-Mum’, which is where I play the role of a taxi driver from 3.30pm onwards during the week and various times on weekends. To add to the craziness in our house, I also operate my own business from home so I am the master of juggling.

Now, I’m not speaking for everyone, but this is a pretty good summary of my life as a Mum, and I think there are a lot of other Mums out there who ‘get’ what I’ve said. But, do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. But let me tell you, there are two days a year where I make the day all about ME. That’s my birthday and, the best one ever created, Mother’s Day!

Some may not care for the commercialism that is behind Mother’s Day, me however … I own it! I take that day off and use it to my sole benefit – proudly. My family knows it and they get it and yes that is just one of the other wonderful things that I love about them.

So, this then begs the question – how would I spend my ideal Mother’s Day? Well, I’ve had the perfect Mother’s Day (or perfect 24 hours), and would have it repeatedly … it goes something like this.

My dream night and day away at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu.

Check in at 2pm…

> I arrive in my gorgeous King Bedroom overlooking the lagoon and pool and resist the urge to unpack in an orderly manner. Instead, I don my togs and sarong and head straight for the pool.


> As I approach the Beach Pool area down by the lagoon, I spot my deck chair and make a beeline for it. Once I settle in, a very friendly waiter comes with a cocktail menu and I order up. Before long, it’s delivered to my little wooden cocktail table and I spend the afternoon snoozing, sipping and swimming. Uninterrupted. On my terms. No ‘Mum!’ to be heard.


> By this time, I’m feeling like it’s time for a refreshing shower. But first, I make my way to the lagoon-side massage cabana for a relaxing 30min massage. I then meander back to my room for a refreshing shower and a little rest. Because I can.


> What now? You guessed it, it’s cocktail time. The atmosphere on the Resort balcony, just outside the Lobby Bar, is superb. A cool breeze wafts off the lagoon and it is the perfect place to watch the transformation from day to dusk. I watch, enraptured, as I sip on my Mojito and nibble on my complimentary locally grown Tanna Farms peanuts – perfection.


> I wander down to the beach for dinner and enjoy fantastic, live cultural entertainment full of dancing and singing. It’s so much fun. I head to the impressive buffet – multiple times, and at my own pace. No one rushing me, no one wanting to go to bed or squabbling.

Aaah…. the serenity.


> Feeling relaxed and satisfied after my delicious meal I head back to the room and get in my comfy pants to watch some TV. By now my room has things spread from one end to the other and I just don’t care! This is my time and I’m not picking up after anyone, even myself!


> Time check… pfft, I’m rolling over and going back to sleep.


> Now that’s more like it. A leisurely rise and preparation for the day and I find myself at the breakfast buffet. I’ll take a latte thanks and yes, I’ll happily sit and graze while reading the paper for the next two hours.


> I’m back at the pool, pretty much working on a re-run of the previous day’s activities, sans the cocktail. I know it’s cocktail o’clock somewhere in the world but even I have my boundaries. Let’s give it until at least midday and in the meantime, I’ll sip on a freshly cracked coconut.

Check-out is at 10am, but the Resort team kindly held my bags, so I could relax until pick up time at 1pm. I snuck in another massage before departure and while this time away was amazing, I was starting to look forward to seeing my monkey’s again – it was time to head back to the craziness.

If anyone out there is looking for a special gift for Mum this Mother’s Day, then let me tell you from someone who knows best, THIS is how mum wants to spend her Mother’s Day weekend.

Compiled by an anonymous guest blogger…

Image credit: Rob Mullaly