kids in holiday inn resort pool

It’s All About The Kids

Family travel can be challenging and have its fair share of tears and tantrums – and that’s just the adults. But at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu we ensure that there is something for every member of the family to do and that everyone enjoys their break. To help our littlest VIP’s navigate their way through a Vanuatu holiday itinerary, that they’re bound to remember forever, we sought the advice of experts. We asked the kids.

Thankfully we had a group of fantastic kids who were more than happy to share their favourite things to do while staying with us in Vanuatu. Here’s what they had to say:

  • The Kids Club – we loved seeing the Kids Club girls at breakfast time and weaving with them on the mat. Then when we wanted more fun, we visited them throughout the day to play and do cool activities.
  • The Beach Pool – the pool area is so much fun, especially the tipping buckets. It was even better when dad jumped in to the really big pool with us and we mucked around together.
  • The Breakfast Buffet – when mum and dad woke and said ‘breakfast time’ each morning, I got so excited. Down to the breakfast room we would go. They have EVERYTHING on that buffet and you can go back as many times as you like – mum did make me have some fruit though.
  • Soccer on the Beach – the best part for me was I got to play soccer whenever I wanted. I didn’t need anyone else to play with me, because all the boys who worked at the Resort would play with me whenever I asked, it was awesome!
  • Eton Beach – we went for a drive this one day. We drove past a whole lot of coconut trees – funny, they were all planted and grew in straight lines. The beach we went to was called Eton Beach. There was a big coral wall and at the bottom a deep hole that we got to swim in. The water was so clear, blue even. I just loved that day.
  • Movies on the Beach – one night we got to go back down to the beach at the resort and watch a movie under the stars. It was so cool. We had free popcorn and sat on beanbags and deck chairs. Best night at the movies – EVER.
  • Pizzas – the pizza they serve down at the pool is the BEST! Mum didn’t even mind that I asked for it most days for lunch. I even got to drink from a fresh coconut.
  • Coconut Opening – the coolest thing for me was watching the boys climb the coconut trees in their bare feet and pick coconuts. They then showed us how to crack one open, we got to drink it there and then.
  • Chess with Dad – They have this BIG chess set down on the beach. Dad and I played there most days (it wasn’t mums thing). I beat dad heaps, not sure how pleased he was about that. For me, it was just fun getting to hang out with dad like that.
  • Sailing on the Lagoon – They have these awesome sailing boats at the Resort and they can go superfast! I went out with my family a couple of times but then the activities boys took me out too. We went kayaking around the little island at the Resort as well, so much fun.