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Ham – Vanuatu Table Tennis Champion

Ham Frexly Lulu, Vanuatu Table Tennis Champion – Offensive player, lover of the sport and his amazingly supportive family. When Ham isn’t slamming those balls across the table, he’s greeting guests in his role as Duty Manager at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu.


Where do you call home, where were you born? Tell us a bit about your family.

I call Vanuatu home. I was born on Gaua Island which is part of the Banks group.

My family is made up of myself, my two older sisters and of course my parents. My sisters are my motivation and my parents are my biggest fans!

Tell us about yourself.

I work as a receptionist at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu and I also do volunteer work in schools and communities around Port Vila as well as help NGO’s.

I began my Table Tennis career in 2000 when my sisters started, they introduced the sport to me. I am driven to become one of the best at the sport in the Pacific and Oceania. I thoroughly enjoy the travel that comes with the game at my level. I feel very lucky to see and experiences other cultures.

In addition to Table Tennis, I love to play soccer, basketball and tennis.

What do you enjoy about the sport the most?

Winning medals for me, my family, my country and its people.

What do you enjoy the least about the sport?

Not winning medal at a tournament.

What have been your career highlights and major achievements for Table Tennis?

I succeeded and won a gold medal in the men’s doubles in the Cook Islands in 2009. I have also won silver in the men’s doubles in the Oceania Championship in Australia in 2014. I will continue to play until I win GOLD!

Who is your coach and how do they motivate you?

I have many coaches that come from China and they have motivated me by providing me with outstanding training opportunities.

What do you feel your main strengths in your sport are?

My main strength is my team. Our team work and training/practice makes everything perfect.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games?

To fight hard and win medals for my own country, in my own country. Every moment of the Vanuatu games is amazing and I’m loving it! Vanu-pawa, never give up!