Answer the call

The moment Vanuatu got it so right

Vanuatu’s brand-new destination marketing campaign has launched and struck a chord with the team at local international resort, Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu.

‘Answer the Call of Vanuatu’ has been released across Australia and New Zealand and is much more than just a marketing campaign, successfully creating a connection with Vanuatu and the ‘moments’ you experience while holidaying in this unique destination.

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu General Manager, Matthew Senyard, said he is ‘thrilled’ that the new campaign shares their passion for memorable moments.

“At Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu we have long-lived the mantra of being a place ‘where experiences are created and memories are made’, so we are thrilled that the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) has developed and launched a campaign that shares our passion for memorable moments,” he said.

“As Vanuatu’s best family Resort, creating memories and delivering special moments is something that our team strive to do every day, as family is an important part of the Vanuatu way of life, and we want all of our guests to take home with them, memories of what was, not dreams of what could have been,” said Mr Senyard. “The new campaign speaks so beautifully to the myriad of unique, authentic and enriching experiences that Vanuatu has to offer, particularly in the archipelago’s outer islands which are pristine, untouched and just waiting to be explored.”

Mr Senyard continues by sending the message to visitors who are looking to visit Vanuatu, “For your sake, I urge you to please, Answer the call of Vanuatu.”

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