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Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the local currency and where do you suggest I exchange my money?

The local currency is Vatu (Vt or Vuv). We can exchange your money at the hotel, at one of the local banks or you can do it at one of the currency exchange businesses in town or at the airport.


How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

*  If you haven’t booked airport transfers you can catch a taxi or local bus. You will see either lined up as you step out of the airport. Traditionally a taxi will cost you a little more than a bus. If you’d like assistance booking a transfer please contact the resort.

*  Taxi – approximately 2,000 vatu per taxi one way Airport to the resort

*  Private transfer – approximately 1,500 vatu per person one way airport to the resort.


Do I need to bring my own pool towel?

No, the hotel provides pool towels and they’re available at various locations throughout the resort.


How much does it cost for a round of golf at the resort?

It’s free for resort guests as is the hire of golf clubs.


What sort of cost am I looking at for water activities at the resort?
All resort activities are free for resort guests.


Can the chef cater to dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free? What about other allergies and intolerances?
Absolutely, however if you could let us know before you arrive so we can prepare that would be great.


Is it easy to get into town from the resort?
Yes it is! We have taxis on standby at the front of the hotel and a trip into town will cost around 700 vatu per taxi. A bus (public transport) will cost you 150 vatu per person for most trips about town.


Is wi-fi available at the hotel and if so, how much?
Yes we do have wi-fi although internet speed on the island is slower than most other countries. Wi-fi charges are 500 vatu for 30 minutes, 750 vatu for 1 hour or 1,000 vatu for a week.


Do I need to book for the kids club? What hours are they open and how much does it cost?
The Kids Club is complimentary for in-house guests for children aged 3 – 12 years. It is open 7 days per week from 8am – 9pm.

Babysitting is available with a minimum of three hours notice. Price is approximately 1,000 vatu/hr.


When are the Port Vila food markets open?
The markets are open Monday to Saturday around the clock. It is closed from midday Saturday and closed Sundays.


I’m returning home on a very early flight, will I be able to get breakfast before I leave the resort?
Yes. With notification an early continental breakfast can be made available from 4am to 6am in the Lobby Bar for early flight departures.


Most popular tours Family’s & Couples.
We support the operators registered with the Vanuatu Tour Operators Association which you can find here: http://www.toursvanuatu.com/index.htm


How to you say hello in Bislama?
The native language spoken in Vanuatu is ‘Bislama’ – its Pidgin English so if you listen carefully it’s likely you’ll pick up some of the words. For example, Hello is ‘Halo’ in Bislama and Thank You Very Much is ‘Tanku Tumus’.


Where is the nearest supermarket?
There are a few large supermarkets in town where you will be able to find most things. We have Freshwata Au Bon Marche (supermarket) only about a 10 minute walk away or 5 minute bus drive. There are others that we can tell you about upon check-in.


Is it safe to walk into town?
During the day you will be fine, however we advise all our guests not to travel or walk on their own in the evening.


What is the weather like?
We have two seasons in Vanuatu – wet and dry. Wet season is experienced from around November to April while the rest of the year is classified as dry season.


How long will it take you to go around the Island?
The distance around the island is approximately 120km and the main road is excellent. There are a few stops along the way so you can make your trip as long or short as you like. Speak to resort staff to learn some of the best places to pull over.


Is it safe to swim in the lagoon?